Skaggs Drk. Red/Blue Wool Rug -7'11 x 9'10 A11711

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Color Reform Overdyed Over Dyed

Masterfully hand-knotted by skilled artists, this over dyed hand knotted rug highlights careful attention to detail and color to create a remarkable chromatic composition. Each rug is hand knotted using centuries old techniques and mellowed down by the natural energy of the sun. While retaining the original design each rug is given a unique artistic composition by over dying and washing each rug in remarkable color palette to produce a bolder, brighter, modern and saturated look. The modern inspired look with rich, luscious detailing, vibrant feel and a show-stopping palette with saturated colors provides an unexpected decor twist. The historic and timeless appearance of this collection offers an exquisite quality of one-of-a-kind artistic rugs.

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